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Today's stock market _ stock market market trend chart

Some market views believe that the recent market style has repeatedly switched between technology and cycle, mainly due to the impact of institutions’ exchange of positions at the end of the year. Many technology, consumer, and pharmaceutical white horse

Northeast Securities also stated that the break-up should be a normal phenomenon after the market-based pricing reform of the Science and Technology Innovation Board. The market tends to be more rational, and most of the concept stocks with no substantive

The second aspect is to carry out clinical research on stem cell technology in the treatment of critical illness. Stem cell therapy can inhibit excessive activation of the immune system, promote endogenous repair by improving the microenvironment, inhibit

Flexibility-refers to the flexibility of stock selection, which refers to the selection of a few stocks when selecting stocks to achieve the best selection; the second refers to the length of holding time after buying a stock. What should I do if I want t

Many companies under Dongshan Precision (002384) produce solar energy equipment. This week, Beijing Capital also bought a substantial net purchase of 0.5 billion yuan. This week’s net purchase of the second largest stock this week, the holdings soared fro

This week, A-shares had only 4 trading days due to the holiday. After a gap of 2800 points on Tuesday, it hit a new rebound high on Thursday. However, it fell back on Friday and swallowed the gains of the previous three days. There was a small outflow of

ArcherMind Technology was established in September 2013 and is located in Nanjing with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchanges Growth Enterprise Market in January 2017. The prospectus shows that the company i

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