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US stocks opened on the evening of August 4, and Baidu's stock price rose significantly. As of 23:00 Beijing time, Baidu's US stocks had risen 87%, with a market value of 43.2 billion U.S. dollars. The gap in market value with Meituan has narroGEM stock purchase conditionswed. The wealth gap between Robin Li and Wang Xing also narrowed.

From the data in Table 3, it can be seen that the overall activity of hot money is relatively high. There are 11 hot money that have been on the list more than 10 times this week. The Tibet Dongcai Lhasa department is still the most active hot money. From the perspective of net purchases, hot money Trading performance was mediocre. The number of sales offices with net purchases of more than 100 million yuan increased to 13, including hot money Guotai Junan Jiangsu Road sales department, hot money Huaxin Securities Branch, hot money Industrial Securities Shaanxi branch, hot money Oriental Fortune (300059) Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road Second Sales Department, Hot Money CICC Fortune Securities Beijing Songzhuang Road Sales Department, Hot Money Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department, Hot Money China Merchants Securities Shennan East Road Sales Department, Hot Money UBS Garden Shiqiao Road Sales Department, Hot Money Nanjing Securities Nanjing Dazhongting Sales Department, Hot Money Xiangcai Securities Ningbo Shuguang Road Sales Department, Hot Money Orient Securities Pudong New Area Yuanshen Road Sales Department, Hot Money Yuekai Securities Nantong Gongnong Road Sales Department, Hot Money CICC Fortune Securities Nanjing Taiping South Road Sales Department.

Orient Securities predicts that under the comprehensive registration system reform, the investment bank + investment business model of large investment banks will become popular. Under the implementation of the registration system, China's securities brokerage investment banks should accelerate the transformation of their business models and the remodeling of their business structures, promote the transformation and upgrading of their own comprehensive large investment banks, get rid of the shackles of traditional channel businesses, and accelerate the development of sub-businesses such as IPO, additional issuance, and direct investment. Integration, strengthen cooperation and coordination between various business departments, while continuously improving professional qualities such as value discovery/pricing capabilities, matching transaction capabilities, investment capabilities, and sales capabilities, and continuously enhance capital strength to meet the importance of investment + investment banking new business model Asset needs.

Second, considering that major economies around the world have implemented zero interest rates, negative interest rates, or large amounts of water after the epidemic. Looking back, relative to Europe and the United States, this time the monetary policy is the most restrained, and relatively little water is released. Compared with before the epidemic, the 10-year Treasury bond spread between China and the United States has expanded by more than 50 basic points. From the perspective of short-term spreads, assets are still attractive to foreign capital.

In addition to Moutai, the newly-emerged baijiu giant Yanghe (002304) also rose strongly. On the day of December 4, Yanghe shares opened higher and rose more than 9% in the afternoon, and the market value once exceeded 300 billion. As of the close, Yanghe shares rose more than 7%, the main inflow of 1.2 billion yuan, and the net inflow exceeded 600 million yuan.

[European stocks] In European stock markets, the French CAC40 index rose 20% to 5588 points. The German DAX inGEM stock purchase conditionsdex rose 49% to 13,790 points. The London Stock Exchange is closed on Monday for Boxing Day.