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According to *ST’s financial reports for tStock buying index fundhe past three years, Millennium achieved net profits of 0.5 billion yuan, 4.4 billion yuan and 9.6 billion yuan respectively from 2017 to 2019, all of which exceeded the performance commitments. However, in the 2019 annual report, *ST Weihai has fully accrued the 700 million yuan of goodwill formed on the company's book for the millennium acquisition.

In the past year of 2019, the A-share market ushered in a major investment year for technology stocks, with thematic hot spots such as semiconductors, 5G, consumer electronics, wireless headsets, and Huawei concepts in full bloom. Among them, the Shenwan Semiconductor Index overwhelmed the beverage manufacturing index with a 120% increase during the year, ranking first among all Shenwan secondary industry indexes.

b. It is very important to organize and attack the time-sharing during the day. I often buy tickets by looking at the time-sharing chart. There should be 1-2 waves of time-sharing peaks. In the morning, there are 1-2 waves of organized time-sharing volume increase ( If there is an offensive volume peak), the probability of the third wave of the main ascending action will be very high.

Do a good job in performance monitoring. Governments at all levels and all departments and units implement dual monitoring of the degree of achievement of performance targets and the progress of budget implementation, and timely correction of problems is found to ensure that performance targets are achieved on time with quality and quantity. Financial departments at all levels have established major policy and project performance tracking mechanisms, and should suspend or stop budget allocations for policies and projects with serious problems, and urge timely rectification and implementation. Financial departments at all levels should strengthen treasury cash management in accordance with budget performance management requirements and reduce capital operating costs.

The price of Feitian Moutai is affected by multiple factors, among which the contradiction between supply and demand is the crux. Regarding the reasons for the rapid increase in the price of Moutai around 2019, Li Baofang once analyzed that the first is that the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent; the second is due to the collection investment. Moutai has both financial and investment attributes; third, the choice of sales timing brings The stocks are reluctant to sell; fourth, fixed channel sales, so that Moutai is not available on the market, causing a bottle of hard-to-find phenomenon intensified.

From the point of view of the contribution to the index decline, Kweichow Moutai (600519) and Haitian Weiye (603288) contributed the most to the decline of the Shanghai Composite Index. The former fell by 08% and contributed nearly 4 points of decline to the Shanghai Index; the latter fell. 48%, which contributed a 12-point drop to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index. Most of the decline in the ChiNext was contributed by CATL (300750) and Mindray Medical (300760). The former contributed nearly 10 points and the latter contribStock buying index funduted more than 8 points.