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Strengthen performance management, supervision and accountability. Audit institutions shall conduct audit and supervision of budget performance management in accordance with the law, and financial and audit Tomorrow's stock futuresdepartments shall promptly transfer to the discipline inspection and supervision organs if they find clues about violations of discipline and law. Financial departments at all levels must promote performance information disclosure. Important performance targets and performance evaluation results must be submitted to the people’s congress at the same level as the draft budget and final accounts, and actively disclosed to the public at the same time, so as to build a way and platform for the public to participate in performance management, and consciously accept the people’s congress. Supervision from all walks of life.

At 23 o'clock Beijing time, the United States announced the December ISM manufacturing PMI data that the market closely followed. As a result, the performance of the data fell short of expectations. Specific data show that the US December ISM manufacturing PMI actually announced 420, expected 49, previous value 41. Among them, the US December ISM Manufacturing Employment Index actually announced 410, which was 46 before. The US December ISM manufacturing PMI was the lowest since June 2009.

However, on Friday, the cautious mood rebounded again. The Shanghai Composite Index closed down by more than 1%, falling below the 2800 point mark, and the ChiNext Index fell by more than 2%. The industry sector showed a general downward trend, with technology stocks leading the decline. Only the insurance and port water transport sectors turned red against the market. At present, everyone seems to be waiting for some new changes in the news on the weekend. If the overall performance of the news is flat, then the market is likely to enter a shock consolidation pattern in the short term.

On July 9th, a total of 1,110 stocks received financing net purchases, and 584 of them had net purchases of more than 10 million yuan. Among them, 70 stocks received financing net purchases of more than 100 million yuan. Unigroup Microfinance ranked first in terms of net purchases, with net purchases of 7.4 billion yuan that day; followed by Hangfa Power and Great Wall. According to statistics by industry, among the net purchases of over 100 million stocks by financing customers, the non-banking financial, electronics, and computer industries are the most concentrated.

Judging from the flow of major funds from 28 industries at Shenwan I, market sentiment is still relatively stable, with a total of 10 industries showing net inflows, basically the same as last week. However, it should be noted that only one industry has a net inflow of more than 1 billion yuan, that is, 2.9 billion yuan in the pharmaceutical and biological industry, which shows that the market is less enthusiastic.

However, a person from the market department of a medium-sized fund company said that the current market is strong and it is a high probability that new funds ofTomorrow's stock futures outstanding fund managers will become explosive. However, he suggested that investors should invest rationally, not blindly follow the trend, and do not need to pursue new funds too much. If you are optimistic about the market outlook, deploying old funds managed by outstanding fund managers is also a good choice.

According to the "Financial Control Measures", if financial holding companies make false capital contributions or revolving capital injections to financial institutions, use entrusted funds, debt funds and other non-self-owned funds to make capital contributions; conduct related-party transactions in violation of regulations; interfere with the operations of the financial institutions they hold and cause major risks or major risks Hidden risks; providing false or concealing important facts of financial accounting reports, statements, statistical statements and operating data; refusing or obstructing the People’s Bank of China’s on-site inspections, etc., the People’s Bank of China shall order corrections within a time limit and confiscate the illegal gains.

European stocks closed overnight. The German DAX index rose 61%, the UK FTSE 100 index rose 3%, the French CAC40 index rose 25%, and the European Stoxx 50 index rose 56%.

From the financing process, it can be seen that there are many funds participating in ByteDance, and various investment funds should occupy a large part of the market value, but it is unlikely that Yahoo and Softbank will have the same proportions in Ali. At that time, companies had a say in financing. Not high, and Jack Ma urgently needs money. Ali and Tencent's PE holdings are not low.