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In addition, the Ping An Research Ruixuan Hybrid Fund managed by Li Huasong made its debut on the same day, with a raised cap of 8 billion. According to sources, the fund's subscription funds have also exceeded 20 billion yuan. Ping An Fund quickly issued an announcement, announciTesla share priceng the early termination of the fundraising.

From the perspective of the next stage of focus, relevant industry leaders with good product line competition, leading comprehensive competitiveness, and reasonable PEG can continue to pay attention, such as chemical and biological drug innovation, precision medicine and companion diagnosis, genetic engineering, assisted reproduction, Intelligent medical services, innovation in elderly care services, medical beauty, and new materials and technologies that help improve the living environment and quality of life.

The A-share market resumed work in an orderly manner, and the purchasing power of investors exploded! First, on February 19, the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets reached RMB 04 trillion. This is the first time since April 8, 2019, that the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets exceeded one trillion yuan. Since then, the trillion yuan seems to have become the standard for the total A-share turnover. From February 19 to February 26, the A-share market turnover exceeded one trillion yuan for 6 consecutive trading days. Among them, on February 25, the turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges reached 42 trillion yuan, a new high since November 2015. On that day, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange contributed a lot to the new high turnover-both in terms of the number of transactions and commissioned transactions. The numbers all set new records.

It is difficult for the A-share market in 2021 to have a full-scale bull market, and there is a high probability of a structural bull market. Zhu Bin, chief analyst of Southwest Securities Strategy Research, believes that the economy in 2021 will show a comfortable growth state of high growth and low inflation, which is conducive to the performance of the equity market.

On March 29, the total net inflow of funds from the North China was 19.3 billion yuan, the net inflow of 68.9 billion yuan through Shanghai Stock Connect, and the net inflow of 40.4 billion yuan through Shenzhen Stock Connect. Overall this week, there was a net outflow of 4.5 billion yuan in funds from Beijing, which is the second week of this year.

However, after the opening of the US stock market, the trend was not ideal. Market participants believe that at present, the stock market is basically indifferent to currencies. Perhaps the market is also waiting for the results of the US Congress's vote on thTesla share pricee economic stimulus package. It is reported that at 2 pm local time, Congress will vote.

On April 25, the "Announcement on the Suspected Illegal Sales of Vanke Projects" issued by the Xi'an Housing Management Bureau of Shaanxi Province showed that it includes Vanke Citylight, Vanke Oriental Legend, Vanke Golden Mile Huafu, Vanke Xingfu Li, Vanke Golden Mile International , Vanke Jade Tianyu, Vanke Golden Mile East County, Vanke Jade International and other 12 projects are suspected of illegal sales without a license. The announcement stated that with immediate effect, the online sales of all development projects of Vanke's subsidiaries in Xi'an will be suspended, and the acceptance of applications for pre-sale permits for commercial housing of its new projects will be suspended, and it will be severely investigated in accordance with the law. According to the "International Finance News", the relevant person in charge of the Xi'an Municipal Housing Management Bureau conducted a comprehensive inspection of the sales department of Vanke Citylight Project, extracted data from the computer, temporarily detained the notes in the safe, and made a record of the site survey , And interviewed the deputy general manager of Xi’an Vanke on the spot, and issued the "Notice of Ordering to Stop Illegal Activities", ordering the company to immediately stop the illegal activities and make rectification, accept investigation and handling, temporarily seal up the sales department, and arrange for supervisors to stand guard.

Not only brokerage stocks, but the entire big blue-chip sector is also full of restlessness, and insurance, coal, automobiles, and banks have also risen sharply. Life’s daily limit, Datong Coal Industry, Open Coal Industry, Shanxi Coal International’s daily limit, auto stocks BYD, FAW Jiefang’s daily limit, Lifan, Changan Automobile, Jinbei Auto are approaching their daily limit, Qingnong Commercial Bank’s daily limit again today, Ping An Bank rose by more than 6%, China Merchants Bank surged more than 4%.

This revision also emphasizes the need to improve the interim report items. The amendment has improved the matters of the interim report, and made the decision of major purchase of assets clear as the company’s purchase or sale of major assets within one year exceeding 30% of the company’s total assets, or the mortgage or pledge of the company’s main assets for business use , Selling or scrapping more than 30% of the assets at a time, the company’s actual controller and other enterprises under its control will be engaged in the same or similar business as the company, and the company’s plan to distribute dividends and increase capital will change significantly. Important changes in the shareholding structure and other matters are included in the interim report; for listed companies that issue corporate bonds at the same time, temporary bond disclosure items are added, and the disclosure requirements are clarified.