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The A shares have recently stopped taking medicine, and the wine bureau is still continuing. On November 5, the two markets continued tStock trading tipso rebound, and the Shanghai stock index returned to above 3300 points. Liquor stocks have once again become the most beautiful in the market, with Jiuguijiu (000799) and Laobaiganjiu (600559) daily limit. Wuliangye (000858) rose 53% that day, with a total market value exceeding one trillion yuan, becoming the first trillion-dollar market capitalization stock in Shenzhen. Another big white horse BYD (002594) had its daily limit in late trading, becoming the first A-share auto company with a market value of over 500 billion.

[A shares] A shares closed yesterday, and the Shanghai Composite Index rose slightly by 0.02% to 33,929 points. The Shenzhen Component Index rose slightly by 0.19% to 140,410 points. The GEM index rose slightly by 0.07% to 28,481 points.

Deng Yuxiang, Director of Equity Investment Department of Furong Fund, also said that the consumer sector, especially optional consumption, is still a track that deserves special attention. While maintaining the upward judgment of market fluctuations, focus on the cyclical leaders of consumption, technology, military industry, and low valuations. Yuekai Securities is optimistic about the home appliance sector that benefits from policy subsidies, consumption upgrades, and the continuous release of demand, the auto sector that supports new energy top-level planning policy support and demand recovery, and the liquor sector that has relatively stable performance.

The A-share market in June was gratifying, and Sisi's heavy stock of brokerage stocks were profitable. On Wednesday, the brokerage stocks were thrown away, and all the profit was extracted, and I bought a "stray package" on my behalf. The stray bag that Sisi said was a luxury brand bag. Because it was hard to find a package, Sisi asked someone to buy it and added 2000 yuan to buy it.

According to Jingwei Co., Ltd. (002662), Wuxi Wekawei, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, recently signed general terms of product parts or services and product price contracts with Tesla. Tesla purchased automotive accessories from Wuxi Wekawei. According to Tesla's own needs, confirm the specific purchase volume in the order.

For the entire market, the regulatory environment in the past two years has cracked down on financial fraud and other problematic stocks, which has made the foundation for speculation in small speculations unstable. At the same time, institutional investors such as public funds and other institutional investors have a stronger voice,Stock trading tips and value investment will become more and more important. Mainstream.

US stocks opened on the evening of August 4, and Baidu's stock price rose significantly. As of 23:00 Beijing time, Baidu's US stocks had risen 87%, with a market value of 43.2 billion U.S. dollars. The gap in market value with Meituan has narrowed. The wealth gap between Robin Li and Wang Xing also narrowed.

For the reason why new RMB loans increased less and more in July, the stock market's fiery diversion of deposits is an important reason. Wen Bin, chief researcher of Minsheng Bank (Hong Kong Stocks 01988), said that the new RMB deposits in July were less than 100 billion, mainly because in the first month of the new quarter, residents and corporate deposits were usually converted to off-balance sheet wealth management, and the stock market rebounded and funds The scale of issuance increased, and deposits of residents and enterprises were diverted.