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On October 21, the Hangzhou police notified that 51 credit card commissioned outsourcinHow to buy listed stocksg collection companies were suspected of provoking troubles and other criminal activities. On October 22, 51 Credit Card told the Beijing News reporter that the company had terminated all collection outsourcing at the end of July this year, and the future collection work will be carried out in strict compliance with regulations. Yesterday, the incident regarding 51 credit cards cooperating with the police investigation was fermented. On the evening of October 21, the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that: Since September this year, the Hangzhou police have received clues from higher-level departments, and combined with their daily work, they found that 51 credit cards involved a large number of abnormal complaints from various places. Preliminary investigations revealed that 51 credit card commissioned outsourcing collection companies pretended to be state agencies and used soft violence methods such as intimidation and nuisance to collect debts, suspected of crimes such as provoking troubles. At 6 o'clock on October 22, 51 Credit Card CEO Sun Haitao said in a blog post that this turmoil was due to our imperfect management, especially insufficient training and supervision of partner companies, which resulted in the process of contacting and communicating with borrowers. Some extreme behaviors have caused harm to individual borrowers, for which we are very sorry. Sun Haitao said that the core management of 51 is currently on duty, and its core businesses such as 51 credit card butler and 51 Renpin are operating normally. In the follow-up business activities, we will consciously and earnestly accept the guidance of the government, strictly follow the operating procedures of listed companies, further implement various risk control measures, eliminate all irregular third-party cooperation, and ensure the benign relationship with various partners Communication and collaboration. Regarding the handling of collection outsourcing, 51 credit card told reporters on the afternoon of the 22nd that the company had terminated all collection outsourcing at the end of July this year, and future collection work will be carried out in strict compliance with regulations. 51 Credit cards also stated that the company will operate strictly in compliance with regulations and strictly follow the contract for all investors and borrowers.

This time, there are 5 Chinese companies that are subject to the US federal government's funds and have received widespread market attention. They are Huawei, ZTE, Hikvision, Dahua and Hytera. Except for Huawei, which is not listed on the A-share market, the remaining 4 companies all fell to varying degrees yesterday. Among them, the biggest decliner was ZTE, which closed down 74%.

For 5G, it has actually been hyped for a year. The technology stocks led by semiconductors, chips, and 5G have been bullish for a long time. After the recent relatively high level, there may be repetitions. However, if 5G wants to rise again, it obviously needs New motivation. Although it is the highlight of infrastructure construction, the second round of construction is about to begin, but after the continuous surge, it is necessary to prevent the appropriate conversion of funds and the possibility of sector differentiation;

Fan Bo of AVIC Securities has continued to elaborate on the recent market pattern in the blog post. There are three points to sum up: It is not easy to break through the pressure of 3,300 points on the Shanghai Stock Exchange; the main board multi-line hotspot operation, and the later differentiation is also a process. Sudden death of the Shanghai Stock Exchange caused the sudden death of the Shanghai Stock Exchange; the flow of funds from the main board to the ChiNext also did not switch so quickly.

According to data from Eastern Fortune Choice, in the third quarter of 2019, the national team (including Securities Finance, Huijin, Foreign Exchange Bureau, etc.) held a total stock market value of 35 trillion yuan, which is 77% of the total market value of A shares in the same period of 453 trillion yuan. , Compared with the 12 trillion yuan at the end of the second quarter, an increase of 230 billion yuan.

According to Worldometer's real-time statistics, as of about 6:30 on September 9, Beijing time, a total of 6,508,246 cases of new How to buy listed stockscoronary pneumonia have been confirmed in the United States, and a total of 193,913 deaths. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 26,053 new confirmed cases and 434 new deaths in the United States.

The irrelevant creators of all walks of life will inevitably bring about duplication of settings and blurring of focus-this is bound to be negative for the creation of the mythical universe. A major point of cosmic development lies in the unification of settings and between different stories. The subtle connections and echoes of the game create a unified resonance effect between animation, movies, games and other different content forms with strong cultural output. Compared with other IP universe developments with clear copyrights, classical mythology has a natural disadvantage in this respect. Even more mythological series that are not Caitiaowu, but the mythical animations under the name of the original Nezha crew have also appeared, making the audience have a dazzling trend.

On July 18, Sanhua Zhikong issued an announcement stating that it had received a notice from the company's shareholder Sanhua Holding Group Co., Ltd. that it learned that some of the company's shares held by it had been pledged, with a pledge amount of 1 billion. The details are as follows: Sanhua Holding Group Co., Ltd. pledged its 210 million shares to CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. on July 17, 2020. The pledge accounted for 163% of its shares. The pledge is used as a guarantee for the non-public issuance of exchangeable corporate bonds, etc.