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The issuer shall, in the prospectus or other securities issuance information disclosure documents, be guided by tSpot pricehe needs of investors, and disclose information such as business model, corporate governance, development strategy, operating policies, accounting policies, and financial status analysis in a targeted manner, and fully Reveal the risk factors that may have a significant adverse impact on the company's core competitiveness, operational stability, and future development.

According to the Supreme People’s Court’s Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in Trial of Commercial Housing Sales Contract Disputes, the seller (developer) has not obtained the commercial housing pre-sale license certificate and entered into a commercial housing pre-sale contract with the buyer (house purchaser) , Should be deemed invalid.

On July 9, the ChiNext Index continued to rise sharply, rushing to the critical position of 2,700 points after 20 minutes of opening. On the same day, the A-share market was not diminished. Half an hour after the opening, the trading volume of the two cities exceeded 470 billion yuan. In just half a day, the A-shares completed a trillion trading volume. On the disk, the military industry duty-free medicine and other sectors have soared, and the A-share style electric fans seem to have restarted.

Judging from the disclosed shareholder information, Lianlian figures have attracted some star capital blessings. Counseling filing information shows that as of December 23 this year, Zhang Zhengyu, chairman and general manager of Lianlian Digital, directly held 168% of the shares and indirectly held 134% of the company’s shares through Hangzhou Chuanglianzhixin Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership). It holds a total of 202% of the shares and is the company's controlling shareholder and actual controller.

Zhang Yan, a senior researcher at the Baishaquan M&A Finance Research Institute, told reporters that the epidemic has caused more intense competition in the market, which has accelerated the survival of the fittest and strengthened the willingness of more listed companies to transform and upgrade to high-quality development.

Essence Securities pointed out that with the release of Samsung Galaxy ZFlip and Huawei MateXs, folding screen mobile phones are expected to accelerate the popularization, driving inSpot pricevestment opportunities in related links of the industrial chain such as display screens, hinges, heat dissipation and batteries. Among them, in terms of display screens, compared with traditional curved display screens, flexible OLED screens have put forward new requirements in terms of substrate materials, touch controls, OCA optical glue, polarizers, and FPC. Currently, there are manufacturers with flexible panel mass production capabilities. Samsung, BOE A, LG, Shenzhen Tianma A, Visionox, TCL Technology and other domestic and foreign companies.

The pilot registration system for the Growth Enterprise Market has brought new vitality to the capital market and brought stronger growth boost to enterprises. I look forward to Anker Innovations standing at this new starting point, through continuous innovation, to bring leading products with technological charm to consumers around the world, and to promote the beauty of smart manufacturing; I look forward to more technology-based startups that can leverage the strong power of the capital market. Gain success in the global market and promote the light of science and technology. Looking forward to the future, Yangmeng is confident.

Feike Electric released its first three quarters financial report. In the first three quarters, revenue was 26.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14%; net profit was about 600 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 477%. Basic earnings per share were RMB 38, a year-on-year increase of 363%. The National Social Security Fund 406 portfolio newly entered the top ten shareholders, holding approximately 3.45 million shares, accounting for 0.79% of the total share capital; the National Social Security Fund 115 portfolio increased its holdings by approximately 190,000 shares from the previous quarter. In addition, the company plans to invest 400 million yuan in a new project in the Songjiang production base of household appliances to increase the production capacity of personal care electrical products.

Regarding the 2018 A-share market judgment and investment strategy, the Equity Strategy Group of the Research Department of CITIC Securities believes that in 2019, A-shares will usher in the starting point for the next 3 to 5 years to rejuvenate the cattle; under the influence of profitability, policies and liquidity, the market is expected In the first quarter of next year, it will consolidate, and in the second quarter will gradually enter the upward phase of profitability and valuation repair resonance; the configuration will focus on structural transformation and embrace high-end manufacturing and service industries.