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Midea buys stockThe recent decline in the market is mainly due to the following factors. One is the end of the first wave of speculation in Xiong'an, and the pressure on profit-making sell-offs is heavier; It is an attack on the new stocks; third, the recent market liquidity is poor, and the central bank has also suspended open market reverse repurchase operations for dozens of consecutive trading days. After a continuous decline, the stock index has fallen close to 5%, and it has also fallen below various supports one after another. Oversold has been formed in the continuous decline.

Analysts believe that the recent market risk appetite has been suppressed, and under the background of loose global liquidity, scarce and even high-quality assets have become increasingly attractive. Market funds have highly recognized the business models of leading listed companies and believe that the impact of the epidemic on the profitability of listed companies is short-lived. In addition, the 618 promotion is approaching, and Internet celebrities and merchants are constantly taking actions. In the hot promotion, Tianfeng Securities pointed out that the 618 promotion is the first traditional national e-commerce shopping festival after the epidemic. It is expected to be under the background of special time. , E-commerce promotion activities are expected to attract 600 million users and achieve a turnover of over 680 billion, a year-on-year increase of over 25%.

Christina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco was more optimistic about the market crash at the beginning of the week. The stock market has risen for several months without major corrections. The current sell-off in the market may be healthy and provide investors with buying opportunities.

Phoenix International iMarkets News on November 8th, Beijing time, US stocks opened sharply higher and then fluctuated higher, and their gains narrowed towards the end. As of the close, the Dow rose 1,824 points, or 0.66%, to 276,780 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.28% to 84,352 points, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.27% to 30,818 points. Trade indicators Boeing and Caterpillar rose more than 1%.

On January 13, Yinhua Technology Innovation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund was officially launched. The original deadline for fund raising was January 21. However, a reporter from the Securities News learned from the issuance channel that the subscription amount of the fund had reached the first day of sale. 4.7 billion yuan, far exceeding the 1 billion yuan limit, will end the fundraising early and start the doomsday proportional allotment.

From the perspective of changes in net profit, in the first three quarters, 49 of the 54 A-share listed real estate companies were profitable, accounting for 91%; 5 were losing monMidea buys stockey, accounting for 9%. In addition, there are 34 real estate companies that have net profits attributable to shareholders of listed companies exceeding 100 million yuan, and currently 10 have net profits exceeding 1 billion yuan. Among them, China Vanke, Greenland Holdings, and China Merchants Shekou three listed real estate companies temporarily rank in the top three in net profit.

Essence Securities stated that various domestic policies have been increased in an orderly manner, economic data will show marginal improvement, and risk appetite will be gradually restored from low levels, corresponding to the trend of valuation restoration and expansion. Recently, the industry has focused on medicine, food and beverage, automobiles, building materials, construction, the Internet, computers, communications, securities firms, and gold, and thematic investment has focused on the revitalization of Hubei.