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On January 3, the stock price of Huifa Foods plummeted and was closed to the lower limit. The exchange announced the one-day Longhu List of Huifa Foods. Huaxin Securities' Xinzha Road sales department ranked first in the purchase, with a purchase amount of 412.17 million yuan. There are also two Wenzhou regional seats on the buying list: Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Wenzhou Station Avenue Sales Department bought 195.49 million yuan, FoEmployees of listed companies buy stocksunder Securities Wenzhou Xiaonan Road Sales Department bought 75.25 million yuan.

[Meeting of the State Council] The executive meeting of the State Council stated that it will increase support for small, medium and micro enterprises, and promote replicable innovative measures to the whole country; and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on August 30, and decided to promote a batch of supportive innovation reform measures that have the conditions for replication to create a better environment for innovation and development; determine measures to promote the development of the health service industry to meet the needs of the public and improve health . The meeting pointed out that in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, since June last year, some regions have carried out relevant reforms to first test, break the bottleneck of innovation-driven development, and explore the creation of an institutional environment and a fair competitive market environment conducive to mass entrepreneurship and innovation. progress. The meeting decided to implement several reform measures that are currently relatively mature and have the conditions for replication and promotion on a larger scale, and most of them will be implemented nationwide. Mainly include: First, more targeted increase support for the innovation of small, medium and micro enterprises. Establish a one-stop investment and financing information service system for small and medium-sized enterprises, support the pledge of accounts receivable from core leaders or large enterprises, provide financing for related companies, and develop patent pledges tied to loans, insurance, and financial risk compensation The new financing model improves the flexibility and convenience of financial support innovation. The second is to make greater efforts to strengthen intellectual property protection. Relying on the Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center, a comprehensive service that integrates rapid patent review, confirmation, and rights protection is carried out. The third is to allow universities and research institutes to adopt flexible and diverse forms such as annual salary system, agreed salary system, and project salary to introduce high-level or in short supply talents, and establish a system for the establishment of a unified provincial use of public institutions. The fourth is to broaden the channels for the conversion of foreign talents' work residence to permanent residence, simplify the procedures and procedures, and implement one-door acceptance and one-window issuance of foreign experts' work and entry permits in China. Encourage and guide outstanding foreign students to find employment and entrepreneurship in China, and those who meet the requirements can directly apply for work and residence permits. Fifth, the implementation of joint taxation by state taxation and local taxation. The meeting requested that for other reform measures that have not yet been promoted, the first pilot areas should speed up the implementation, strengthen supervision and assessment, and achieve substantive breakthroughs as soon as possible. It is necessary to summarize successful practices in time and replicate them for promotion. The meeting pointed out that accelerating the development of the strategic industry of the health service industry is an important part of advancing the supply-side structural reform, which is related to the vital well-being of all people. With the improvement of residents' living standards and the continuous expansion of the aging population, the demand in this area is huge and urgent. Since 2013, various localities and relevant departments have actively implemented the strategic deployment of health building, promoted the implementation of relevant policies, and effectively promoted the rapid development of the health service industry. The number of beds in medical institutions and the number of practicing doctors have increased significantly. Social capital has become a major player. Medical institutions accounted for 45%, and service institutions such as traditional Chinese medicine health care, rehabilitation nursing, and medical-care integration that were in high demand by the masses were flourishing. The meeting requested that the sense of urgency in the development of the health service industry should be strengthened. First, research and formulate a health industry development action plan, scientifically define the connotation, establish a long-term support mechanism, and promote the effective integration of medical health and elderly care, tourism, sports, and the Internet to form a function Complete industrial support system with reasonable structure. The second is to further deepen the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power, combining delegating management and optimizing services. The National Development and Reform Commission must promptly promulgate cross-departmental and full-process comprehensive examination and approval measures for social medical institutions and elderly care institutions to remove various obstacles that restrict development. Accelerate the promotion of the integration of approval and practice registration for the establishment of secondary and lower medical institutions. Implement a record-keeping system for clinics in elderly care institutions. The third is that the Health and Family Planning Commission should take the lead in establishing a comprehensive supervision system as soon as possible, using double random and one open methods to strengthen supervision during and after the event. To implement inclusive, prudent and effective supervision of new types of health service institutions and cross-border integrated services to create a fair and just development environment. The fourth is to increase the training of shortage of talents in medical, nursing, and rehabilitation, and support the development of major innovative drugs, shortage drugs, rehabilitation aids and other health products to meet the needs of the market and the masses. Fifth, focus on using social forces to make up for shortcomings in health services. Priority is given to social capital in adjusting and adding health service resources. Encourage social forces to develop services such as health checkups and specialist medical care. Relax the restrictions on the shareholding ratio of foreign investment in clinics. Carry out a pilot reform of home and community elderly care services, vigorously support professional service agencies and encourage other organizations and social volunteers to provide services such as life care, medical care, and spiritual comfort for the elderly at home. Sixth, the finance and taxation departments should promptly study and adjust the income tax policy of social medical and pension enterprises, and increase support. Accelerate the establishment of mechanisms for recruitment and withdrawal, education and training, evaluation and incentives, and job promotion that are suitable for doctors' multi-point practice. Encourage the development of guaranteed commercial health insurance. Take multiple measures to promote the standardized and orderly development of the health service industry.

In last week’s column, the author accurately defined the upward cycle from November 1 to November 11, but did not accurately define the volatility pattern in mid-November 11. Because the upward cycle from November 1 to November 11 did not form a spatial breakthrough, in the column of last week, the author believes that mid-November will still fluctuate at a high level, and even form a spatial upward trend. breakthrough. However, according to the actual operating results of the market, it is obvious that the definition of November's rising and falling rhythm in mid-October was correct. That is, the starting point of view is correct, but the point of view to be revised near mid-November appears to be inaccurately defined.

According to Essence Securities Strategy Research, among the various reasons that have promoted the accelerated inflow of northbound funds into A shares in the near future, factors such as the delayed allocation of foreign active funds to A shares after the increase in the weight of MSCI may have been reflected in recent inflows, but other medium-term inflows. Factors (US stocks record highs, financial opening, etc.) are expected to continue to promote some foreign investment in the allocation of A shares in the next stage. Subsequent foreign inflows may weaken at a margin, but they will still be an important source of incremental funds for A shares.

On November 26, Smart Capital Northbound Funds ended the previous two consecutive days of net sales. The total amount of transactions reached 839.3 billion yuan, with a total net inflow of 6.029 billion yuan. Among them, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 35.9 billion yuan and that of Shenzhen Stock Connect. 27 billion yuan.

In 2019, TikTok's user scale in the US market increased by 95%, with 26.5 million monthly active users. AccEmployees of listed companies buy stocksording to market research agency eMarketer, the number of TikTok American users will reach 45.4 million in 2020 without being blocked by the United States. And TikTok's largest overseas market is India.