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On the evening of December 27, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was the first to announce the schedule for the scheduled disclosure of the 2019 annual report. Jiaao Environmental Protection (603822) took the lead aBuy OTC stocksnd will disclose its 2019 annual report on February 10. Zhenjing shares (603477) (603477), *ST Baoqian (600074) (600074) followed closely, and will disclose the annual report on February 11.

In addition, the "Financial Control Measures" has also increased the amount of penalties for violations. The relevant person in charge of the People's Bank said that this is conducive to promoting financial holding companies and related personnel to establish a legally compliant operation and practice philosophy, and create a level playing field. Maintain financial stability and protect public interests.

On the 5th local time, the monthly employment report released on the official website of the Ministry of Labor showed that due to stratified sampling errors and data collection errors, the previous data may have underestimated the unemployment rate by 1 percentage point. This means that the correct official US unemployment rate will reach 14%.

A-shares are reduced by the interference of the external market, and the countercyclical policy will effectively boost market sentiment. The decline in A shares in mid-to-early March was mainly due to disturbances in the external market. At present, under the stimulus of the Fed's substantial release of liquidity, the panic in the peripheral market has been cleared to a greater extent, and funds from the north are gradually returning. However, the recent A-share market has not strengthened significantly with the rebound in the external market. The independence of A-shares is more obvious. The reason may be that the A-shares are still waiting for the force of domestic policies. Following the positive statement of the 327 Politburo meeting, the implementation of macro policies is expected to be further strengthened. Under the policy support, market sentiment is also expected to be further boosted.

① The rebound from 319 ended and entered the stage of retracement. The bottom range oscillated for the bull market to gain momentum for three waves. When the fundamental data rebounded, the end of the second quarter was the first verification window. ②In the mid-term perspective, the growth style in the 2-3 years that began in mid-2019 has not changed. This year, the structural differentiation is mainly at the industry level. Some consumption is overestimated and matched with high growth rates. Bank real estate mining is the opposite. ③At present, focusing on domestic demand, such as new infrastructure (technology), automobile and home appliances, the advantages of securities firms will be highlighted when the three waves restart, underestimating the industry's repair and other catalysts, and focusing on Q4.

This week, northbound funds have once again become the most important funding variable for A shares. On the one hand, there is a highly positive correlation between the intraday inflow and outflow of northbound funds and the rise and fall of the broader market index. For example, early Monday and throughout the day on Tuesday, the northbound funds showed a substantial inflow, during this period the market index rose significantly. However, the northbound funds turned into net selling yesterday, causing the index to fail to rise further. On the other hand, northbound funds also have a clear guiding effect on the trend of specific stocks. The shareholding records released by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange show that the direction of Northbound Funds' recent stock selection has changed significantly. In the past November, the industries with more net purchases of northbound funds were concentrated in procyclical assets such as chemicals and machinery. But this week, northbound funds began to flow back to technology stocks. Multiplying the change in the number of shares held by the range average transaction price can roughly estimate the net purchase amount of northbound funds. In the first two trading days of this week, five of the top ten stocks with net purchases of northbound funds came from the electronics industry, namely BOE A, Sanan Optoelectronics (600703), Dongshan Precision (002384), and Lingyizhi Manufacturing (002600) and TCL Technology (000100). The two major panel leaders, BOE A and TCL Technology, both received a central increase of northbound funds in the first two days of this week. Among them, BOE A's northbound capital holdings increased from 12.8 billion shares last Friday to 24.7 billion shares on Tuesday, an increase of more tBuy OTC stockshan 11%. Calculated at the average price, the northbound funds bought as much as 1.2 billion yuan in BOE A in the first two days of this week, ranking first among all A shares. TCL Technology also received a net purchase of 200 million yuan from northbound funds in the first two days of this week, ranking seventh among all stocks. Corresponding to the disk, the sweep of northbound funds significantly boosted the share prices of the two major panel leaders. BOE A has gained 35% in the first three trading days this week. The highest price of 83 yuan per share yesterday tied the high point set in February. TCL technology is more eye-catching. In the first three trading days of this week, TCL Technology's stock price soared by 179% while obtaining northbound funds. Yesterday, TCL Technology's stock price opened higher and moved higher to harvest the daily limit and set a new record high. Huajin Securities emphasized the configuration opportunities in the panel industry in its December investment strategy for the electronics industry, stating that panel prices have risen for 6 consecutive months. Among them, the price increase of small-size panels has expanded, mainly because IT panels continue to occupy small-size production capacity, while smart Mobile phone sourcing tends to favor low-end products, leading to an increase in demand for small sizes. The performance of leading domestic panel manufacturers in the third quarter began to reflect the recovery brought about by the improvement of the industry's supply and demand relationship, and it is expected to further improve in the future. Since the beginning of this year, northbound funds have no longer continued to flow in as they did in the past few years, but have repeatedly switched between inflows and outflows. This has also had a certain impact on the short-term trend of individual stocks and even the broader market. As of yesterday's close, the cumulative net purchases of Northbound funds this year have been only 1.6361 billion yuan, far less than the 3.5143 billion yuan in 2019. However, some institutions are optimistic that the northbound capital will continue to flow into A shares next year. The strategy team of Guotai Junan Securities stated in the 2021 strategy recently released that with the landing of overseas risk uncertainty, rising market risk appetite and the clear trend of global economic recovery, it is predicted that the allocation of A shares by overseas investors in 2021 is expected to increase compared to 2020. Under the baseline scenario, the net inflow of northbound funds next year may be around 300 billion yuan.

The market got off to a good start in June, giving a good start to the market in June. The A-share market has always been referred to as poor and poor, but in the past May, the Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly by 0.27%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 0.23%, and the ChiNext Index rose by 0.83%. The five poor have not been fulfilled.

[Annual report leaked Niu San’s latest shareholding trends, Zhao Jianping, five super Niu San appeared in 9 shares] The disclosure of regular financial reports has always been the best way for investors to observe Niu San’s holdings. Historically, Da Niu Stock Baode shares There are well-known Niu San figures behind Teli A, etc. This has also become one of the important reasons why ordinary investors pay attention to Niu San's holdings. The disclosure of regular financial reports has always been the best way for investors to observe the trend of Niu San’s shareholding. Historically, big Niu stock Baode shares, Tellus A, etc. have been well-known Niu San, which has become common investors’ attention to Niu San. One of the important reasons for the trend of holding shares. As annual report disclosures entered the intensive period, the investment layout of Niu San, which is well-known in the market, such as Zhao Jianping and Xu Kaidong, gradually surfaced in the fourth quarter of last year, ranking among the top ten shareholders of tradable shares in related companies. Specifically, as of yesterday's data, Super Niu San Zhao Jianping held a total of 4 stocks in the fourth quarter of last year. Looking further, the holdings of Jinli Huadian and Wanfu Biotech were increased by 300,000 shares and 500,000 shares respectively. After the increase, the cumulative number of shares held was 2.2 million shares and 2.6 million shares; the number of shares held by Xuelang Environment remained unchanged; Jiachuang Video has 1 million shares and still holds 5 million shares after the reduction. Xu Kaidong, as of yesterday, appeared in the list of the top ten shareholders of tradable shares in the annual reports of three companies. Specifically, he reduced his holdings of Leshan Power by 200,000 shares and held 23.03 million shares after the reduction. The number of holdings of Yaxing Chemical and *ST Xinghua remained unchanged, respectively: 20.57 million shares and 16.63 million shares. In addition to the above two big bulls, the three well-known bulls, Zhou Xingang, Zhou Chen, and Li Xin collectively hold Luyitong, which has become the focus of the market. In fact, the three major players have been holding the stock since the collective new position in the fourth quarter of 2015. As of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, they held 27.02 million shares. At present, the stock has been suspended from trading on February 27 due to major asset restructuring, and the A-share market has always had a law of major asset restructuring and resumption of trading. Therefore, it can be said that these three bulls have once again bet on the treasure. In addition to Lu Yitong, Zhou Xingang and Li Xin also hold Kangyue Technology, holding 61.62 million shares and 20.02 million shares respectively, which is unchanged from the previous period. In this regard, some market participants said that the market performance of bull bulk holdings will often diverge, and well-known bull bulk holdings are only one of the reference indicators for the layout of A-shares. They can be selected from the perspectives of market performance, performance, and institutional ratings. Subject. In terms of market performance, among the 9 stocks held by the bull market, 8 stocks are currently in trading status. Among them, 3 stocks including Yaxing Chemical, *ST Xinghua and Wanfu Biology outperformed the market during the year (Shanghai Index) The cumulative increase during the year was 37%), and the cumulative increase was: 272%, 169%, and 53%; Jiachuang Video, Xuelang Environment and Leshan Power also rose to varying degrees during the year, and the cumulative increase was 36%, 87%, and 0.11%. Since it was renamed Yaxing Chemical (formerly *ST Yaxing) on ​​February 27, the stock has performed a wave of star-receiving and uncapped market. On February 27th, 28th, and March 1st, the daily limit was three consecutive days, and then the stock price appeared. Falling back, the latest closing price is 105 yuan. It is worth mentioning that when the annual report was disclosed, the star-receiving and hat-removing market was one of the themes that must be speculated in A-shares. In this context, the future market performance of *ST Xinghua, which has achieved a year-on-year turnaround in its annual report performance, may also be worthy of attention. From the perspective of annual report performance, 7 of the above 9 stocks achieved year-on-year growth in net profit in 2016. Among them, Jinli Huadian’s annual net profit increased by 1246% year-on-year, doubling; while Jiachuang Video, Leshan Power, and Xuelang Environment The year-on-year growth rates of annual net profit were all above 50%, which were 90.38%, 807% and 584% respectively. In terms of institutional ratings, of the 9 stocks, 3 stocks including Xuelang Environment, Leshan Power, and Wanfu Biotechnology have been given buy ratings by the agency within the past 30 days. The number of buy ratings are: 5, 1 and 1. Regarding Xuelang Environment, a high-performance stock that institutions are generally optimistic about, Huachuang Securities said: As a leading company in the field of waste incineration power generation and flue gas purification and ash treatment in the field of iron and steel metallurgy, orders for waste incineration and flue gas treatment are expected to continue to grow at a high rate; hazardous waste On the one hand, projects in Wuxi, Yixing and other places have good growth, and the company may further expand. With the gradual consolidation of various projects, the performance is expected to continue to grow, and the recommendation rating is maintained.