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On DThe best stock trading computerecember 4, Beijing Capital bought over 3.7 billion yuan. The performance of liquor stocks was divided. Kweichow Moutai bought a net 12.9 billion yuan, while Wuliangye (000858) was net sold 800 million yuan. Oriental Fortune (300059), Midea Group (000333) and Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276) received net purchases of 9.6 billion yuan, 8.9 billion yuan and 0.2 billion yuan respectively. Vanke A and China Merchants Bank were net sold over 200 million yuan.

The annual report of No.1 Venture shows that Beijing Capital Group is the first shareholder of No.1 Ventures, but due to the dispersion of equity, No.1 Ventures has no controlling shareholders and actual controllers. In late July, in the 4.2 billion fixed increase list of the first venture, in addition to the shareholder Beijing Capital Group, there are Beijing Shounong Food Group (abbreviated as Shounong Group), Beijing Jingguorui State-owned Enterprise Reform and Development Fund (Limited Partnership) ) (Referred to as Jingguorui Fund).

Beginning on October 26, the new rules on convertible bonds issued by the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges will be implemented. This is a major signal for the regulators to strengthen investor education and hope to curb blind speculation. It does not rule out that funds are rushing to the new rules. Realize the possibility of increasing shipments before landing.

Analysts believe that the market maintains a relatively positive trading sentiment, which has increased the willingness of investors to enter the market to a certain extent. After the epidemic, the economy is in a recovery period until the potential growth rate. Prior to this, liquidity will continue to remain abundant, and the possibility of tightening is unlikely. However, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic, there is a risk of two or even multiple outbreaks, and the time required for economic recovery will be lengthened. Therefore, economic recovery needs to be repeatedly confirmed, and domestic and foreign economies need to be repaired to form a resonance. It is currently judged in the fourth quarter of this year. Or the probability is higher in the first quarter of next year. Prior to this, the economy is in the process of confirming recovery. The keynote of the policy is steady progress and no strong stimulus. This step will continue until the economic recovery is established. Therefore, the market will continue to structure the market.

Nanda Environment (300864), originated from a century-old Nanjing University, is positioned as a professional environmental service provider, committed to providing government and corporate customers with efficient, scientific and overall environmental solutions. The main services include environmental investigation and identification, and construction projects. Environmental impact assessment, environmental research and planning, environmental engineering contracting, environmental engineering design and supervision, and third-party treatment of environmental pollution.

In 2018, Feilo Audio’s largest shareholder INESA Group provided a total of 6.6 billion yuan in The best stock trading computerfinancial assistance. Since January 2019, INESA has provided a total of 6 financial aids to Feilo Audio for a total of 21.9 billion yuan.

On February 4, at a press conference held by the National Health Commission, Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the Biotechnology Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the antiviral drug remdesivir, which was recently discussed on the Internet, said that the State Food and Drug Administration had notified the applicants The China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the Academy of Medical Sciences can carry out clinical trials. It is expected that this batch of drugs will arrive in China on the afternoon of February 4.