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Some market views bStock Operation Agreementelieve that the recent market style has repeatedly switched between technology and cycle, mainly due to the impact of institutions’ exchange of positions at the end of the year. Many technology, consumer, and pharmaceutical white horse stocks have concentrated in recent trading days. As technology and medicine account for a larger weight in the ChiNext index, the trend of the ChiNext index is weak. It is expected that the market will gradually stabilize and rebound after the completion of the recovery of strong stocks.

For example, Yunfeng led the joint agency to acquire the world's sixth largest ultrasound equipment supplier Esaote (Yusheng Medical), one of the world's top five cardiac rhythm management (CRM) equipment suppliers Sorin (Sorin)... both helped overseas companies enter the market , It has also helped enterprises to improve their products, technology and comprehensive competitiveness, and cultivate new leading enterprises.

In 2020, the newly-added special debt quota has increased sharply from 15 trillion yuan in 2019 to 75 trillion yuan, the largest increase in history. Therefore, the trend of special debt has attracted the attention of the market. Market analysis shows that a proactive fiscal policy will boost new infrastructure and other construction. The executive meeting of the State Council held a few days ago called for making good use of local government special bonds, strengthening the connection between funds and projects, and improving the efficiency of fund use.

According to the brokerage research report, the following will systematically sort out the core targets that benefit from the construction of 5G base stations. Main equipment vendors: ZTE, Fiberhome; Communication solution provider: Datang Telecom; Network planning and design: Jesseco, Guomai Technology; Base station antenna: Dongshan Precision, Sega Technology, Tongyu Communication, etc.; Antenna oscillator: Master Baide, Xinwei Communication, etc.; RF filter: Dafu Technology, Wuhan Fangu, Chunxing Precision, etc.; PCB: Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd., Shennan Technology, etc.; Optical Communication Module: Zhongji Innolux, Accelink Technology, Xinyi Sheng, etc.; fiber optic cable: YOFC, Hengtong Optoelectronics, etc.; small base station: ZTE, Sunsea Intelligent, 3D communication, etc.

From an industry perspective, listed companies in the fields of semiconductors, food processing, computer equipment, medical equipment, and other fields ranked first in net profit growth in the first half of the year. During the epidemic, due to the increase in the housing economy, the performance of listed companies in wearable electronic equipment, fast food processing, and remote office has increased significantly. In addition, biomedicine and medical equipment listed companies related to anti-epidemic materials such as masks and virus detection have performed more prominently.

For 3 or more similStock Operation Agreementar securities accounts that have been opened by natural persons and ordinary institutional investors before October 15, 2016, and meet the real-name system opening and use management requirements, and there are actual use needs, investors can continue to use them. For more than 3 accounts that are not used for a long time, settlement will be included in dormant account management in accordance with regulations.