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The e-commerce 618 promotion is approaching, and the Internet celebrity concept is booming. Related stocks have risen sharply, and the food and beverage sector has also seen a big riZoom in stock pricese. As of the close of trading on the 26th, Youyou Food and Jindawei's daily limit, Myco Blue more than 9%, New Dairy rose more than 7%, Laiyifen, New Nuowei, Bright Dairy, and Richen shares rose more than 5%.

Insurance stocks continued to rise strongly, with sector indexes hitting new highs recently: Ping An, China Life Insurance, China Pacific Insurance, Xinhua Insurance and other violent surges, shares in insurance concepts Xishui shares and Tianmao Group performed well. Bank stocks fluctuated higher: Zhangjiagang Bank rose by the limit, Wujiang Bank, Bank of Changshu, Bank of Jiangyin, Bank of Guiyang, Bank of Hangzhou, Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Guiyang, Bank of Ningbo and others went up against the trend.

On January 29, the heads of relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced in an interview on the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that it is the world's largest producer and exporter of masks, with an annual output of about 50% of the world. The largest production capacity of masks in my country is more than 20 million per day. With the spread of the epidemic, the demand for masks has exploded. Now even many people in remote rural areas are beginning to wear masks. If everyone is using them, they will have to replace them every day. Faced with such a strong rigid demand, it is reasonable that the supply will not keep up in the short term. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is making every effort to overcome various difficulties and encourage production enterprises to work overtime to restore production capacity. Through the efforts of this period of time, the output has reached more than 8 million a day, and the resumption of production has reached 40%, but it must be seen that it takes time to restore and even expand production capacity. In addition to domestic production, we are also promoting international procurement to meet the needs of national epidemic prevention and control.

Trend forecast in December: There was an anti-scaling market from the beginning to the middle of the month. Now that the market has fallen below the annual line, it should not be a one-time site. The probability of falling below the rebound and then falling below this path is relatively high. On the ChiNext, after breaking below a new low of 1652 points today, a 30-minute and 60-minute bottom divergence has formed. There is also a wave of anti-drawing needs. Anti-drawing, or high-selling. This position is not the real outsole position, the outsole position. Have to wait for the end of the month to fall.

*ST Weihai believes that before the listed company completes the relevant special audits and impairment tests in accordance with the "Profit Compensation Agreement for Issuing Shares and Payment of Cash for Asset Purchases", Zhong Chengrong and his concerted parties should not reduce their holdings through the acquisition of listed companies The shares of listed companies that have been exchanged over the millennium will avoid difficulties in fulfilling performance compensation and impairment test compensation obligations at that time, and harm the interests of listed companies and small and medium shareholders.

On November 7, the State Council issued the "Opinions onZoom in stock price Further Doing a Good Job in the Utilization of Foreign Capital" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), proposing to deepen the opening up, increase investment promotion, deepen the reform of investment facilitation, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment. A total of 20 policy measures in 4 areas.