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Essence Securities pointed out that domestic and foreign policies continue to boost the momentum of electric vehicles. We mainly recommend leading companies with global competitiveness in each link of the industrial chain: 1) In the battery link, Ningde Times (300750) is recommended. It is recommended to pay attention to Yiwei Lithium Energy (300014), Guoxuan Hi-Tech (002074), Xinwangda (300207) ), Penghui Energy (300438), Funeng Technology, etc.; 2) In the material and parts link, we mainly recommend Protel (603659), Enjie (002812), Kodali (002850), JiaWhen will the stock market openyuan Technology, Sheng Technology (300073), Xinzhoubang (300037), Sinoma Technology (002080), etc., it is recommended to pay attention to Beterui, Defang Nano (300769), Nordisk (600110), Zhongke Electric (300035), Shanshan Shares (600884), Xingyuan Material (300568), etc. 3) Tesla industry chain, key recommendations: Hongfa (600885), Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050), Xusheng (603305), Aotejia (002239), Yinlun (002126), Tuopu Group (601689).

The "Beijing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2020-2025)" issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology on October 30 will also benefit Yihuatong, which is deeply involved in the North China market. The policy shows that by 2023, Beijing will strive to promote 3,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and build 37 hydrogen refueling stations. The cumulative output value of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry chain will exceed 8.5 billion yuan; and strive to achieve the cumulative promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2025 The volume exceeded 10,000.

The "Statement" pointed out that, based on internal control requirements, listed companies have the right to request the holding of a shareholder meeting of holding subsidiaries and reorganize the millennium board of directors in accordance with the law to exercise necessary management control. However, at the critical moment when the company is about to re-elect the Millennium board of directors, when the company requires an internal audit for the Millennium, and when the company requires a profit distribution for the Millennium, the controller Zhong Chengrong and his concerted parties suddenly issued the above-mentioned share reduction notice, and The purpose of unprovoked accusations and malicious slander of the board of directors of the listed company by stating the reasons for the reduction of shareholding is nothing more than confusion and diversion. The behavior of Zhong Chengrong and his concerted actors has caused infringement of the reputation of the board of directors of the listed company. Stop illegal activities and issue an apology.

For example, due to the shutdown of the construction industry, Sankeshu, a listed company that produces paint products, reported a revenue growth of more than 67% last year, and recently disclosed a loss of 2.6 billion yuan in the first quarter, and net profit fell more than 64 times year-on-year. The company stated that the main reason for the performance is due to the impact of the new crown epidemic and the decline in downstream customer demand.

The person in charge of a medium-sized public offering market department in Beijing also believes that the new regulations independently issued the "Interim Regulations on the Management of Publicity and Promotion Materials for Publicly Offered Securities Investment Funds", which further strengthened the management and control of fund publicity materials, and proposed higher levels of fund publicity. Compliance requirements.

On the first trading day of June, A shares got off to a good start, and the two cities opened higher, and staged a general rally. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 21% to return to 2,900 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 31%, and the ChiNext Index rose 43%. The turnover of the two cities has increased significantly. The Shanghai stock market's turnover was 30,071.6 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen stock market's turnover wasWhen will the stock market open 4,547 billion yuan, for a total of 7.6186 billion yuan, a record high since March 19.

On July 15, 1991, the Shanghai Composite Index was released for the first time as the first stock index in the A-share market, and the core compilation method is still in use today. In recent years, there have been many calls from all walks of life to revise the Shanghai Composite Index compilation plan. During the National Two Sessions this year, some experts and market participants, including representatives of the two sessions, once again proposed to improve the Shanghai Composite Index compilation method.