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CMCMarkets chief market strategist Colin Cieszynski said that the current political uncertainties have promoted the rise of gold prices, and its influence is even better tProject inventory software free downloadhan the market's expectations for the Fed to raise interest rates.

In March 2019, MSCI announced to increase the weight of A shares in the MSCI index in three steps. In May, MSCI increased the inclusion factor of large-cap A shares from 5% to 10%, and at the same time included large-cap stocks on the GEM with an inclusion factor of 10%; in August, MSCI increased the inclusion factor of large-cap A shares from 10% to 15%; 11 In September, MSCI increased the inclusion factor of large-cap A shares from 15% to 20%, and the inclusion factor of mid-cap stocks from 0% to 20%. Since 2018, A shares have undergone four MSCI expansions.

Of course, the strength of the Growth Enterprise Market Index has a lot to do with the management policies. Among the many supportive policies of the management, the implementation of the new refinancing regulations is considered to be the most direct driving force for the growth of the GEM market. The statement that the three major restrictions on the refinancing of the ChiNext Board have been cancelled has aroused high excitement in the market: the cancellation of the condition that the asset-liability ratio of the GEM public offering of securities at the end of the most recent period is higher than 45%; Conditions: The previous fundraising on the GEM has been basically used up, and the progress and effect of the use are basically the same as the disclosure situation. The issuance conditions are adjusted to the information disclosure requirements. This explains to a certain extent why the ChiNext Index can become the leading benchmark for this round of capital market counterattack.

It has been two and a half weeks since the Select Layer of the New Third Board opened for trading on July 27. During this period, the NEEQ reforms continued, and the selection layer introduced mixed transactions, brokerage sponsorship + direct investment, and pilot financing and financing. Further reform measures of the New Third Board will gradually introduce incremental funds for the selected layer and play an active role in improving liquidity and enhancing investor confidence.

In recent years, Beijing Capital has continuously reduced its holdings of leading liquor stocks in the process of rising. This week, Wuliangye and Yanghe shares were net sold for 1.2 billion yuan and 0.7 billion yuan respectively. Holding Kweichow Moutai shares has dropped by 20% from the peak in March 2019; Wuliangye reduced its holdings by nearly half during the same period, and its holdings hit a record low of more than two and a half years; Yanghe shares have been funded northward for 10 consecutive months since February this year Reduced holdings, accumulatively reduced holdings of more than 50% of positions, and current holdings have also hit a new low of more than two and a half years.

From the perspective of industry fundamentals, the global PCB industry has benefited from the rapid development of 5G and the server industry and has shown a growth momentum. It is estimated that the global PCB output value will reach 63.8 billion US dollars in 2020, an increase of 4% year-on-year. In terms of specific areas, according to the prediction of Prismark, a well-known research organization in the US electronics market, for a period of time in the future, multi-layer boards will still maintain the primary market position and provide important support for the overall development of the PCB industry. It is expected to be 2021 , High-tech PCBs such as high-multilayer boards, flexible boards, HDI boards and packaging substrates will maintain a growth momentum, accounting for 60.58Project inventory software free download%, becoming the mainstream of the market.

In this regard, Wang Jiyue believes that compared to the trillion-scale transactions of the A-share market every day and the trillion-scale refinancing every year, the scale of hundreds of billions of IPO funds raised a year is not that big. If the market cannot accept it, there will be a break, but the break does not appear, indicating that the market still welcomes new shares.

This week, under the influence of factors such as the sharp drop in international oil prices and the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global capital market suffered a rare major earthquake. On Monday and Thursday (9th and 12th), the US stock market broke twice in a week for unprecedented performance. On Thursday, more than 10 countries’ stock markets experienced collective circuit breakers. The Euro Stoxx 600 index once fell 10% during the intraday session. The biggest one-day drop. When the external markets have undergone huge adjustments, the A-share market on Friday emerged from a low-open rebound. The Shanghai Composite Index fell sharply at the opening of the day by more than 4%, and the decline narrowed to around 1% at the close. The GEM index fell by more than 5% at the opening, and briefly turned into red during the session, driven by technology stocks such as computer and electronics. Trading sentiment on the market rebounded and trading volume increased.

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