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Thanks to the general development trend of new energy vehicles, the charging pile industry has also ushered in the spring of develoNvidia share pricepment. In 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure", stating that it will strive to basically build a moderately advanced, pile-together, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system by 2020, and satisfy more than 5 million vehicles. The charging needs of electric vehicles.

The proportion of financing transactions in the first two trading days of this week was 16%, which was significantly lower than last week’s 16%. The turnover rate converted into a week was 44%, which was significantly lower than last week’s 55%. Popularity dropped from active to active. Gentle stage.

① The rebound from 319 ended and entered the stage of retracement. The bottom range oscillated for the bull market to gain momentum for three waves. When the fundamental data rebounded, the end of the second quarter was the first verification window. ②In the mid-term perspective, the growth style in the 2-3 years that began in mid-2019 has not changed. This year, the structural differentiation is mainly at the industry level. Some consumption is overestimated and matched with high growth rates. Bank real estate mining is the opposite. ③At present, focusing on domestic demand, such as new infrastructure (technology), automobile and home appliances, the advantages of securities firms will be highlighted when the three waves restart, underestimating the industry's repair and other catalysts, and focusing on Q4.

The person in charge of a medium-sized public offering market department in Beijing also believes that the new regulations independently issued the "Interim Regulations on the Management of Publicity and Promotion Materials for Publicly Offered Securities Investment Funds", which further strengthened the management and control of fund publicity materials, and proposed higher levels of fund publicity. Compliance requirements.

On August 13, vaccine stock Cansino officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board outside the Hong Kong stock market, becoming the first A+H vaccine stock. With an issue price of RMB 2071 per share, Cansino became the second-highest stock on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. On the first day of listing, it rose by 1212% at its opening and closing at an increase of 845%, and its market value once exceeded 100 billion. However, the stock price fell sharply the next day, the stock price fell more than 11%, and the market value evaporated by nearly 5 billion.

On the last trading day of March, a substantial net inflow of funds from the North China was 19.3 billion yuaNvidia share pricen, a new high since December 3, 2018. Among them, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was RMB 68.9 billion and that of Shenzhen Stock Connect was RMB 40.4 billion.

In terms of the offer price, the cash consideration is HK$5 per share, which represents a premium of approximately 281% compared to the closing price of HK$76 per share on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the last trading day before the announcement of the offer, and a premium of 404% over the past 30 trading days. The closing daily average price premium of nearly 60 transactions was 538%.

However, a temporary suspension mechanism is set up for stocks with no price increase or decrease. Triggered when the intraday trading price rises or falls for the first time from the opening price by 30% or 60%. Once triggered, it will enter a 10-minute temporary trading suspension. Investors can continue to declare or withdraw orders within these 10 minutes, but the system does not match transactions.

The stocks with greater potential may come from companies in the following four areas: 1. Companies that benefit from the company's capacity expansion, market demand picking up, and product prices rising, and other companies with rapid growth in their main business. 2. Industry companies supported by policies. 3. Companies with relatively good fundamentals and smaller shares. 4. Companies with sustained growth in performance but limited previous growth and low valuations.