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Flexibility-refers to the flexibility of stock selection, which refers to the selection of a few stocks when selecting stocks to achieve the best selection; the second refers to the length of holding time after buying a stock. What should I do if I want to hold a short-term stock and the stock price rises all the way? If I want to hold a long-term stock, what if the stock price suddenly plummets? So flexibility refers to flexibility in specific operations, and it is also the proactive tactical means. The tactics to win the battle are: proactive, flexible and mobile. The stock prices of many people's shares often fall back to their original positions. This investor's tactics are very rigid and mechanical. Some people will ask when will it be shipped? When the long market continues to overdraft in the future, it has already caused a price bubble or the stock price is already a hundred feet high, and the stock should be sold. When more than 80% of people keep up with the stock market beat, they can no longer dream of picking stars. Flexibility in war refers to the fact that the enemy has changed from me to front of the enemy, and winning because of the enemy's changes is an art. War is an art, and stock market operation is also an art. The operation of the stock market is half-virtual anFinancial stock operationsd half-real. People who don't know the truth and the truth do not understand the art of stock market operation. This is the relationship between the virtual economy and the art of war. The virtual economy pillow creates wealth based on virtuality. The virtual economy not only has many variables, but also changes quickly and risks. This huge profit is formed in the process of constant transfer of funds and constant flow of stocks. The magic art of war is a very effective art of war. It magically seizes favorable opportunities in the unpredictable war, and the actual operation of the stock market must also seize the opportunity to buy and sell.

On December 9, Rendong Holdings continued its one-word lower limit, closing at 188 yuan per share, and more than 1.7 million lots of orders were firmly sealed. From November 25 to the present, the stock has dropped its limit for 11 consecutive trading days, and the market value of more than 20 billion has evaporated.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a reply document on the 19th, agreeing to mobile and telecommunications to develop eSIM technology application services in the Internet of Things and other fields. The service is limited to the opening of data services and related directional voice and directional short message services. Huachuang Securities pointed out that the eSIM card can be integrated on the chip of the device terminal without inserting the SIM card issued by the operator separately, and the cost is lower and more stable. The development of eSIM is closely related to requirements such as miniaturization and functional stability of smart terminals, and is also an important starting point for operators to expand new services. In addition, for wearable device manufacturers such as smart watches, product penetration is expected to take the opportunity to accelerate the increase. Ziguang Guowei has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom Huasheng to cooperate on the eSIM business. USI is the exclusive supplier of Apple Watch, which supports eSIM function. The eSIM integrated module developed by Eastcompeace can create identity tags for IoT terminals.

Wave theorists have different views on phenomena. Every wave theorist, including Eliot himself, is often troubled by a question, whether one wave has been completed and another wave started? Sometimes the first wave is seen by A, and the second wave is seen by B. The slightest difference is a thousand miles away. The consequences of misunderstanding may be very serious. An indeterminate theory is used in the extremely high-risk stock market, and operating errors can cause heavy losses. (Here, much like Gann’s theory of angle and amplitude, which is quite arbitrary. As long as you change the horizontal ratio of the market, you can get any angle you want, and when you calculate from a different starting point or vertex, this The amplitude can almost be spoken casually, and it is not clear about the waves with Elliott's counting waves, and it has the same effect and the same effect).

From the perspective of underwriting fee rates, 18 of the 43 securities firms have increased their underwriting fee rates, accounting for more than 40%, including Tianfeng Securities (601162), UBS Securities, Minsheng Securities, Soochow Securities (601555), China Merchants Securities rates have risen by approximately 2%.

On October 23, 2019, Huawei launcheFinancial stock operationsd its first folding screen phone MateX, priced at RMB 16,999. At the same time, Samsung also launched its first folding screen phone, Galaxy Fold, priced at RMB 15,999. At that time, the price of a folding screen phone was low. Provoked heated discussions from all walks of life.

In addition to the above targets that have taken the lead in the deployment of the cloud game industry, other leading PCs that are in the upstream of the industry and have advantages in game development, such as Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (the company has "Archangel Sword", "Legendary Hegemony", "Eternal "Era", "Archangel Sword H5" and other explosive games), Youzu Network (fist products include "Juvenile Three Kingdoms", "Journey to the West", "Goddess League", "Thirty-Six Strategies", etc.), Gigabit (603444) and Palm Fun Technology (300315) are also worthy of attention.

According to Tianyan Check, in this equity change, Beijing Delta Investment Co., Ltd. and Hebei Guoxin Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. withdrew, and the aforementioned new shareholders became the second largest shareholder of Beijing Capital Securities. So far, Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration has actually expanded its shareholding in Beijing Capital Securities through different platforms, and has now reached 954%.