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On July 17, the official microblog of Beijing Haidian District market supervision and AdministratiHow to buy Hong Kong stockson Bureau released the consumption warning of Haidian District market supervision and Administration Bureau on the prudent selection of education and training institutions (hereinafter referred to as "consumption warning"), in which, Zhonggong Education (002607, stock bar) and other four training institutions were named. Haidian Market Supervision Bureau said that since this year, the number of refund disputes about education and training institutions has remained high. The list of education and training institutions with a large number of complaints is now publicized. There are four institutions named this time, namely, Beijing saiYou Vocational Education Technology Co., Ltd. (saiYou Education), Beijing Zhonggong Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhonggong Education), Beijing Dong'Ao Times Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Dong'ao accounting online), and Haidian Branch of Beijing Zhongye Huizhi Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhongye Online school). Haidian Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points when choosing education and training institutions: 1. Choose the education and training institutions that have obtained the school running license issued by the education administrative department or human resources and social security department for training. 2. The marketing personnel of training institutions will not accept the express or implied guarantee commitment to the effect of education and training in the consultation process. 3. Avoid paying training fees that span more than three months at a time. 4, avoid payment of training fees to individual accounts through WeChat, Alipay or other means. Payment of training fees should be issued with regular invoices.

In the current global epidemic environment, the real economy has been impacted, and digitalization has a profound impact on the future competitive pattern of gold and jewelry industry. Jinyi culture has always been actively increasing the investment in digital construction, relying on the closed-loop information system of early production, research, supply and marketing and the business financial integration, it has continuously improved the business system, customer management system, information flow and other aspects, committed to digital transformation, and constantly improved the company's customer acquisition, business operation and internal governance through customer image and information flow operation Ability. While hundreds of offline Direct stores are operating well, Jinyi culture also caters to the development needs of the times, and actively establishes brand flagship stores on several domestic well-known e-commerce platforms such as Suning e-buy (002024, Guba), tmall and Jingdong Mall to enrich consumers' choices and increase their brand stickiness.

July 31 (reporter Niu he) CCTV 3.15 evening party exposed online vocational training institutions hi school network enrollment chaos, the reporter noted that suspected of false publicity, non refund and other training institutions are far more than one. Recently, complaints about "Shanmu training", "arrears of refund", "overlord clause" and "running away of training institutions" have appeared on two third-party complaint platforms of black cat complaint and collective complaint. Source: according to the complaint data, Shanmu training, or Shanmu lifelong education group, was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in 1991. It is a national direct chain education brand. At present, it has set up branches in more than 30 large and medium-sized cities such as London, Cambridge, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on. It has set up more than ten majors in computer, accounting, foreign languages and etiquette.

Before this live broadcast, Cai Yun once said that he wanted to compete with Lang Lang in hand speed and the interaction between guests. Cai Yun said with a smile that he heard that Lang Lang's hand speed was more agile than that of professional F1 racing drivers. Lang Lang also played his favorite songs in his childhood, showing the audience in the live studio the demeanor of an international piano master and his amazing fingering speed.

On the evening of July 7, Muyuan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "muyuan shares", 002714. SZ) replied to the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the annual report of the company in 2019. Almost at the same time, muyuan shares just announced the performance forecast for the first half of 2020, with an estimated net profit of 10.5-11 billion yuan.

On How to buy Hong Kong stocksJuly 16, 2019, Changjiang Business Daily reported that Beibei had repeatedly been listed in the black list due to the disclosure of user information, and the transformation of Beidian was questioned by MLM.

Since 2017, Yuanse group has successively established Henan Yuanse Industrial Co., Ltd., Henan Yuanse Media Co., Ltd., Henan Yuanse ecological Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongshi Asset Management Co., Ltd., Henan Hongsheng Fitness Service Co., Ltd., Zhumadian wusimio Ecological Park Co., Ltd. and other physical enterprises, gradually building their own "Yuanse business empire".

During the activity, Wu Feng first gave a keynote speech entitled giving birth to vitality in dormancy"" based on the overall situation of China in the post epidemic era and Sino US relations, and comprehensively interpreted and judged the current situation of the real estate market and the stock market. Wu Feng believes that China's stock market is the best asset in the world. Chinese assets still have great attraction, and a shares are still pregnant with long-term vitality. At the same time, he believes that after the supply side reform, China's economic health is getting better and better, the stable output capacity is strong, and the margin of safety will be higher and higher."

Through the cloud shelf, I can introduce a variety of goods to customers. All the information about the appearance, parameters and prices of the goods are available. It is no longer necessary to pick up goods from the warehouse and display them again and again. It is very convenient to explain them.