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I want to see the places I visited in the old days, with misty clouds and boundless water. " The Xuanwu Lake Park Management Office, JiangsHow to operate stocks plus leverageu couplet Research Association, CITIC Bank Nanjing branch and other units jointly held the "CITIC Bank" cup Xuanwu Lake poetry couplet competition, aiming to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture and create a strong cultural atmosphere in the scenic spot. The content of the competition requires a distinctive theme, rich in literature and art, and the content is healthy and upward. It can be created around the people's yearning for a better life and the happiness and sense of gain brought by the 10th anniversary of the free opening of Xuanwu Lake; it can be combined with the current situation and future development of Xuanwu Lake; it can also write about Xuanwu Lake's natural scenery, history and culture, flower and garden activities, etc. Awards will be set up according to the categories of poetry and couplets, and the winners will be awarded with certificates of honor and prizes. Some works in line with the publicity of Xuanwu Lake Park will be written by well-known calligraphers, engraved and hung in the corresponding places in the scenic area, which will play a role of finishing the scene. Good poetry couplets and calligraphy works will be published in due course. Couplets and lovers at home and abroad can contribute. Submission email: xwhzjds@163 The deadline is August 20, 2020.

10. Mr. h, a Tianjin customer, is insured with the insurance product plan of Anxin 100% and 1 million. After verification, they met the compensation conditions, and the family members received 3.45 million yuan of death insurance.

After the outbreak, medical staff all over the country actively and intensively carried out anti epidemic actions to build a safe defense line for the life and health of the public. Through insurance, Qianhai life insurance hopes to help the great medical workers to cross the Straits together and actively assume the social responsibility of insurance institutions.

Shortly after the acquisition of a 70 mu high-quality plot in Xidong new town, Wuxi City, zhangtai group once again settled in East China. On July 10, with a price of 1.02 billion yuan, zhangtai group won the g29 plot of Tiexinqiao Street Village, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, with a construction area of 46000 square meters.

The large platform will sign agreements with foreign manufacturers to establish a stable channel with the advantage of commodity scale, which will have a lot of pressure on small and medium-sized enterprises. Wang Jian said."

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At present, products are being reshaped, consumption scenes are rising, and the cultural attributes and scene spirit enjoyment of products are valued by consumers. Huang Kexing, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of Qingdao beer group, believes that Qingdao beer will take art brewing as a new starting point, adhere to the determination of originality, stimulate the vitality of innovation and deepen the charm of the brand in the in-depth interaction with the times,